docuMOP & Power Systems Pathways


We refer to docuMOP as the convergence of documentation and Methods of Procedure. In brief, docuMOP is a web based service that organizes information regarding who, what, when, where, why and how for any facility or organization. We created docuMOP initially to serve IT facilities but found it a match for much more. Any organization, from a complex industrial facility down to a household benefits from use of docuMOP. It is a low cost highly beneficial program. Perhaps the best way to think of it helping is prompting reaction to emergencies even when the key responsible party may be unavailable. Using docuMOP, anyone in an organization can initiate or perform the needed response. docuMOP has created the simple solution all would expect is easy but in practice has been so elusive. Contact us to learn more.

Power System Pathways

Power System Pathways is another solution that arose from a customer need. It too has wide applicability. A hospital brought up that it would be helpful to have something that would advise quickly what to check if power was off somewhere in the hospital. They realized time is of the essence for them and that it might seem as easy as finding the upstream breaker but the problem could be more widespread. Quick response would be important. Further, the question also was posed of what turns off if any breaker is off. We developed Power System Pathways to provide these answers. The program analyzes the electrical paths and prints reports of the entire path powering a device as well as what a device powers. Power System Pathways also analyzes and provides any redundant power paths and can be set up down to IT equipment with dual power inputs. Contact us to learn more.