Used Equipment

We have the following used equipment and parts available for purchase or rental. For additional information check the button for each unit and select submit button at bottom of form.

UPS Modules

500 kVA Mitsubishi 9800 UPS Parts
375 kVA Mitsubishi 9800 UPS Parts
150 kVA Mitsubishi 9800 UPS Module
50 kVA Mitsubishi 2033A
8 kVA Toshiba 1600 EP
6 kVA Toshiba 1600 EP

UPS Battery Cabinets

(2) Mitsubishi Battery Cabinets w/ DC Breaker, original 480 VDC
(1) Mitsubishi Battery Cabinet w/ DC Breaker, original 360 VDC

UPS Bypass Panels

3 Breaker, 225A, 480V, floor mount, w/ output distribution (2) 40 A breakers and (2) 225 A breakers

Remote Power Pack (RPP)

RPP - Single input, (2) 42 pole output panels

Miscellaneous Equipment

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