UPS & Battery Service

We believe in the importance of servicing what one sells. In the early years, we relied upon manufacturer service, factory or 3rd party. We saw all the situations people talk about, late service people, ones unfamiliar with the equipment, some that were difficult to work with, etc. We decided 14 years ago, our customers would be better served if we became trained and knowledgeable to provide service. Doing so has been an astounding success.

We have developed standard service programs and will develop custom ones as needed. Within the IT infrastructure environment the most concerning service requirement regards UPS and batteries. Our Recommended Plan provides quarterly PM visits to inspect the batteries and semi-annual visits inspecting the UPS Power Module. We have been asked by customers to take over service of equipment purchased from others, we take that as a vote of confidence in our offering and capabilities. Regardless of UPS brand, we can offer preventative maintenance programs to support all customers.

We offer PM visits for -48 VDC communication and 125 VDC switchgear power plants as we have found those systems are often neglected. For hospitals, we have researched the applicable codes and developed a service plan for operating room emergency lighting. This plan has monthly checks by the hospital staff and we perform semi-annual visits. This is an example where we were contacted with a need to satisfy the hospital's inspectors and we did the research to develop a plan to satisfy inspection requirements and then implemented it with the hospital. Costs are minimized by the shared approach but patient safety is maintained and enhanced through the process we developed.

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