Spot Coolers

We provide spot coolers for emergency backup and hot spot cooling. (jump to price request)

Spot Cooling AC Unit

Spot Coolers are simple solutions to many air conditioning needs including, Primary, Backup, Spot or After Hours Cooling. Plug them in and they are ready to go. Units are sized at 13,200, 21,000 and 29,000 BTU/HR and conveniently plug into a standard electrical plug as listed below for each size. Plug is on a 10' power cord.

Features Include:

The air to be cooled enters the front or side face of the unit, passes by the air filter, is cooled and then returns to the room via the flexible discharge hose/nozzle. The condenser air enters the rear face of the unit, passes by a filter and then is discharged out the top of the unit. In a spot cooling application this cools the hot spot(s) where the flexible discharge hose/nozzle is aimed and passes the hot air out via the unit's top exhaust.

To cool a room or larger area, a condenser air kit is added to the configuration. This kit provides ducts and attachment flanges so the condenser air can be brought from and sent to another area such as above a drop ceiling. In some uses the hot air discharge is sent overhead but the condenser inlet air is drawn from the room itself. This means the room must draw some air in from adjoining spaces. Thus the condenser air kit is sold in two parts, the condenser air inlet kit and the condenser air discharge kit.

It is often more convenient to pump the condensate water away from the unit rather than collect into the tank and manually empty the tank. There is a condensate pump kit for this. The pump power is drawn from the AC unit itself so no additional power is needed.

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