Monitoring Systems & DCIM

As listed below, monitoring comprises many things in the IT world. Notification of out of tolerance conditions must be fast to provide for prompt response. Key to this is monitoring equipment that works reliably and is user friendly. Knowing the concern is the first step. Reacting properly is the second and most important step. We have developed Integrated Monitoring and Management Systems that provide for notification trending, reactive procedures (MOPS), history and resources all in one system. Over the last few years this has become known as DCIM. We're proud to have been in early fulfilling this need and do so very economically. Our systems are a modular concept allowing customers to start quality monitoring at low cost (<$1,000) and to grow their system on a schedule as their desire and budgets allow. To learn more Contact us regarding monitoring management and DCIM capabilities.

Within the IT world we provide monitoring for:

Our most common systems are IP based appliances allowing monitoring for any or all of the above and utilize the protocols below.

Monitored information is available via ethernet to local computers and via the web to remote computers or smart phones. Typically alarms are sent via email when out of tolerance conditions exist. Modem sending of alarms to pagers is also available. Our Integrated Monitoring and Management (DCIM) provides a complete package allowing customers to sleep easily knowing all is being watched over, 24 x 7.